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Too many babies to keep track of! My youngest sister, Leah, was having some rare complications with her gestation, and since the baby was 37 weeks and thus technically full-term, they decided to induce labor. So yesterday we welcomed Michael Calvin Wischmann to the family, less than a week after my other sister's baby. 6 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long, and mom and baby are doing well. Michael is my brother-in-law's name and his father's name, and Calvin is the name of my grandfather who passed away last year. Chances are this baby will be known as "Cal" which is quite sweet for those of us who knew his great-grandpa.

So now the only one left is my sister-in-law Rachel's baby girl who isn't due until September. Yes, all three of my siblings were expecting, and within a few months my parents will have gone from one grandchild to four - three boys and a girl. They're over the moon!

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Hope at least 10% of all this progeny turns out to be from our tribe! :-)

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Oh, what a sweet little face!

Congratulations again! :D

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Congrats! My sisters both had their kids 4 days apart. It makes remembering birthdays easier. :)