Well our peeps got the kids moved in last week, and classes start tomorrow. New Student Orientation is done, which is run by my department and is a huge deal every year.

As my contribution, I spent the whole week tethered to my computer making this:

(Part of the NSO week is the Penn Reading Project where the freshmen all read the same book (or the same painting, in this year's case) and discuss it during NSO as an "intro to college" sort of thing. Last year and this year we commissioned music from my boss's brother's band, The Indoorfins, and I made videos. This year's video was much more involved than last year's, taking 6 days to make rather than one.)
Good intentions: "I'm going to start posting more regularly!" That's my road to LJ hell. I may not post more than once a month or so but rest assured that I read my friends list voraciously and comment way more than I post. I did the math: I've commented more than five and a half times for every post I've made to my LJ in the past seven years. (Hey look, my LJ anniversary was Friday!)

The last month has been pretty typical. Lots of going to work in the morning, going home in the evening, chill for a while, go to bed; rinse, wash, repeat. We did make a trip to Washington, D.C. the second weekend of April for the annual convention of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. The farthest we got from the hotel was the Chipotle on the corner. (Mmmmm, guacamole overload!) The convention was a lot of fun although I didn't get to dance as much as I'd have liked. The Monday before the convention, my back started getting stiff and sore throughout the evening, and I woke up the next day in a lot of pain. It felt like muscle pain, so I have a feeling I pulled a muscle in my back and I hoped it'd feel better by Thursday which heralded our trip to D.C. Unfortunately, not only did it not get better, it got a lot worse. The muscle pain triggered a full-on attack of back pain like I haven't had in years. (I have a bulging disc that began with a car accident in 1997, and while it usually doesn't bother me much, it can flare up at times. My weight doesn't help it any!) I spent most of the convention on some Vicodin I had from a previous prescription, and danced as I could. I still had a good time; it's fun being around dancers and seeing people even if I couldn't get out on the floor as much as I'd have liked.

Of course, as luck would have it, I woke up the Tuesday after we got home and my back was like "Problems? What problems?" Oh well, I'll take not-hurting on whatever schedule it comes in! I've been having tooth issues the last week or so too, but they seem to be improving with the help of our antibiotic friend penicillin.

We had our square dance prom on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. The Mainstream class did a great job with the decorations and the food was really good. Our contribution was a salad I made with roasted eggplant, peppers, garlic, tomato and fresh basil in a vinaigrette dressing. I got raves for it, and I'll admit it tasted pretty good! Tonight is our graduation; I'm graduating from the Plus program. I can has square dance!

Ron won't be there, though; tonight starts the semi-annual conference he helps run. (Well, I say "helps" because that's officially true; the truth is that he pretty much runs the thing twice a year.) Hopefully they'll return him to me tomorrow with all his hair unpulled-out.

I guess that's enough to qualify as a post. Catch y'all in the comments sections! ;)
So THAT'S why the hits on the music video I made for work back in August skyrocketed... PZ Myers blogged it over at Pharyngula.


(ETA: I also just noticed that none other than the Outrager of Fundies himself, Dr. Richard Dawkins, put it on his blog also. Squee!)
Thems stickers is popular! I had to make some reprints for all my officemates who wanted one, so I ended up putting a couple sheets of them in the kitchen for people to take. I also made up a non-partisan one because getting people to participate in our democracy is more important than scoring points on the other side. Marginally more important, at least. *eg*

There's... hold on... Just got another order for more stickers. LOL!

Anyway, there's a PDF of the stickers here if anyone wants them. ;)

I spent all day long working on graphics for a presentation to the Trustees of the University -- graphics that the Provost's office wanted, and then didn't want, and then suddenly decided they did want after all, but needed by Monday. I couldn't find decent pictures to save my life, and then when I did find them, couldn't figure out how to get the text to look good on them. It took all of my day except the 20 minutes I grabbed for lunch.

Unfortunately in the rush to get that job completed I completely forgot about another job I'd agreed to do for an event that's happening tomorrow. I got an email this evening asking what was up with it, which reminded me, so I spent the last two hours designing that on my out-of-date software here at home. Luckily they're willing to do the printing, copying and folding on this one themselves, so I don't have to go in tomorrow and produce them.

In between all that, we went to visit my mother-in-law in the hospital; she was admitted Wednesday and has an infection that will probably keep her there for a few more. She seemed in good spirits (yay morphine!) so that wasn't a big damper on the night. We ordered some broasted chicken platters and now I can finally relax a little. *zzzz*
The LOLroaches are going to the printer this afternoon; thanks for the feedback, y'all. ;)

I had to make one change; one of the not-in-touch-with-internet-pop-culture peeps in the office was worried that the international students would think we were making fun of their Englishes with the iconic "I CAN HAS X?" construction, so I changed the caption on that one to the less iconic but vastly-more-amusing-to-my-inner-twelve-year-old "NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM" which was deemed less likely to be viewed as an insult.

Ah, life at a modern University...
I guess I can sum up my workday in one word....

lolroaches. )
A few weeks ago, while my boss was on vacation, our trusty five-year-old Phaser 860 color printer stopped working. I called the tech and gave him the fault code, and it turned out that the hopplefangler whoosit needed replacing to the tune of $330 or so including labor. Since that was about half what we paid for it, and given that the model had been discontinued several years back, he suggested that we may want to start thinking about replacing it as parts would get scarcer and repairs more expensive as it aged even more. Once my boss came back from vacation, I presented her with several options: the repair, the model that the technician had recommended as being the logical replacement for our 860, and an "in my wildest printer fantasies" option, with a duplexer and 12x18" printing capabilities.

She caught the tabloid bug too and so today was delivered the prettiest printer this side of the Schuykill: the Phaser 7400DN. Unfortunately what I hadn't realized from the pictures on the website was that this thing is MONSTROUS. It's easily more than twice the size of the 860, which we thought was a little on the chunky side. It weighs 178 lbs. If they were cheaper, strongmen would use them for practice throws. Needless to say, the corner shelf in my boss' cubicle where the 860 resided was not going to suffice for this behemoth unless we really wanted our new $3000 toy to crash to the floor five minutes after setting it up.

I stole a table out of a mostly-unused cubicle and a mostly-empty file cabinet out of our supply closet and set the thing up outside my cube where it would be convienent to everyone; I put the cabinet under the table to shore it up and now it's all nice and sturdy. I got my exercise in, though; it should be worth it, as the prints are beautiful and crisp and bright and the duplexer works and the manual feed only eats one sheet of paper at a time. Print geek heaven. :)

Here's hoping the honeymoon lasts.
I've been i-want-a-ponying at my boss for the last five years or so, and finally this year we had a little bit of budget surplus, so in the mail today came my very own:

Wacom Intuos3 tablet, which I then obviously modeled The-Price-Is-Right-style, as you do.
I had a pretty decent and productive day, considering that I woke up feeling kinda crappy after a night of feeling not-quite-right. I got both the ads I had to get in done, had a meeting about the interviews I'm helping with, and, most importantly, I got my annual self-evaluation done --way ahead of time. (Thanks to IML/Bear Pride, I'm going to be out the week it's due, so my boss wanted it to be done early.) Here's hoping for maximum wage increase! It'll probably be 3-4% this year, but hey, every little bit helps.

I meant to attach a copy of my updated resume, but I forgot. I'll try to remember to hand it to her tomorrow. Since my LJ is my home page on my work computer, I call upon the powers of LJ to aid me:


There, that's better!

work blah

Mar. 21st, 2007 12:29 pm
I started today off feeling a little unstable, anxious and unhappy, which mostly seemed to revolve around work. Now that I've gotten some stuff done, though, I'm feeling better. I guess I just have been feeling like I've been unfocused the last couple of weeks and I've spaced a couple things I was supposed to do, and missed a couple of deadlines that I forgot existed. It hasn't bitten me in the ass yet but there's always the possibility that it might. I feel like I've got my shit a little more together now, though; I just have to keep it that way.
Is it bad that it's only Tuesday, yet one of the ladies from the next cubicle row over was just doing a little dance in the size 13 loafers that I keep here for snowboot days? We still have 4 days to get through before the weekend, people! Focus!
It's amazing how people with only 18 years of life experience know so much about the intricacies of higher education management that they can solve all our problems in one swell foop. It's almost like they're omniscient! *awed*
I have a situation at work, and I don't quite know what to do.

There's this department that I maintain a website for, and I just had a meeting with them about changes they'd like made to their site.

They gave me content. Written down. And they're going to email it to me. I don't even have to pull content out of my ass, guessing what it is they want to say.

They gave me some pictures to work with. So I don't have to fake any of them.

They know what they want and they actually conveyed it to me in terms that were simple yet not dumbed down so far I couldn't understand what they were talking about.

I don't quite know how to work under these conditions...
Yayness! My second big project is out the door. All that's left on it are the bluelines and proof approval, which will be cake. *phew*
A week has gone by with little to write, but I'm still kickin'.

We ("we" being [livejournal.com profile] bearon68, [livejournal.com profile] dreamingbear,[livejournal.com profile] chemicallcrow, [livejournal.com profile] phillyvixen, [livejournal.com profile] phillyfyre and I) went out for sushi last night with our friend Dave from Ontario (who is LJ-less as far as I know!) phillyvixen discovered the joy that is spicy temaki, and I ate just enough fish. I tried the eel and, while it's not as bad as the first time I tried it, I prefer the fishes over the sea-snakes. Aquatic creatures fear me yet!

This weekend I decided to punk out on the SCA event we were going to; I know that if I go I won't get my third and final paper written for class Monday, and that would be a huge blow to my grade. As it was, I got a B+ on last week's paper -- not because she didn't like it, but because I didn't rely enough on the readings she gave us in class. I'm a little annoyed at this; she never said we had to rely on those readings alone, and quite frankly, the readings we had last week weren't appropriate for the question I wanted to find out more about. I'm finishing up a bachelor's degree, not writing a freakin' third-grade book report, and if it's an A paper, give me an A. </rant> Anyway, Ron's going to Southern Region War Camp but I'll be home writing and then getting started on reading the four memoirs I have to read by the week after next. (Thank god next week is Movie Week and those memoirs are the only reading I'll have to do for class!)

Work: stressy. But fortunately I'm sensing some movement on my part towards getting the work done that I have looming over me. I've got two projects, both of which are creative projects, but I have been thoroughly uninspired and can't seem to get moving on them. I think I know what I'm doing now, though. I have requested four days off (Friday the 4th and the next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) to try to give myself a real mini-vacation; that weekend is the second Bears weekend up at the Woods campground, and we are going to see about going up Friday and coming back Tuesday, to get a little quiet time up there too.

OK, Illustrator beckons. Later gators!
There are days my office cracks me up.

*hand over telephone receiver* "She says we can watch the budget on TV right now, live!" *mock enthusiasm*

"Who's got the LCD?"

"Who's got the LSD?"

"...Joan says she's excited."
I guess it came out somewhat fabulous after all.

Charles Busch flyer )
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