If I see one more "it's all about me" homo try to engage in half-ass apologetics for the religious who are attempting to legislate their beliefs into my life, I'm gonna scream. For the record, my "bile" is not informed solely by "Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher", as one poster put it; I've spent well over a quarter of my life studying the history and tradition of Western religion and its intersection with gender and sexuality, and yes, I'm betting I know a great deal more about it than that guy. (Or Bill Maher, for that matter.)

Tolerance for beliefs is one thing; you can believe some whacked-out shit and I'm perfectly fine with it. Gods know I've got some kooky ideas about the nature of reality myself. But when an individual or group of people begin to enforce their religious beliefs on the rest of us, the correct response ceases to be tolerance and becomes well-earned scrutiny. There are some crazy people out there (some with lots of money and influence) who very much want to replace the laws and constitution of the U.S. with the book of Leviticus. (Google "Christian Dominionism" sometime: it's scarier than ghost stories.)

It's not a virtue to give these people a pass. What they're doing is not all right, even if it's part of their belief system. The political is the personal, as some 70's & 80's radical feminists were fond of saying, and when religion moves from the realm of belief to the realm of the polis it makes itself available for legitimate personal and societal criticism, both from within the belief system as well as from outside it.

"But Chris," some of you will be saying, "you can't paint all X's with the same brush." That's true; having spent a good deal of very frustrating time in a progressive Christian community I know it all too well. But because the majority of Christian sentiment worldwide trends toward intolerance, there is a responsibility for all of us, Christian and non-Christian alike, to be a light for the Church and for the world saying "your behavior is not Christ-like, this is not love." I marched in solidarity with gay Christians and helped reach out to queer seekers and still I hid under a bushel far more than I should have. That said, to those of my friends who are letting their light shine, and especially those doing it from the hardest place of all, the inside: thank you. You may be blazing against a pressing darkness that comprehendeth it not, but you're doing your part.
I should have said something sooner, but if any of my Philadelphian friends is still planning to cast their vote in today's election, I'd just like to make a quick plea and ask you to vote NO on retention of Municipal Court Judge Teresa Carr Deni.

If you think that gang-raping a prostitute at gunpoint = "theft of services" and not "aggravated rape" then you might want to vote to keep her around -- otherwise do as I did and vote to fire her ass. It's hard to have even half a clue who's who in the soup of judicial retention spots on the ballot, but I think Theresa Carr Deni is an important name to remember this time around.

Thank you!
Well damn. The DP editor wants to run my letter. I have to cut it down to ~200 words, though. I'm down to 271... this is hard.
To the Editor: )
Boozhoo nindinawemaganaag! Happy Candlemas/Imbolc/Brigid/Groundhog Day etc. depending on your tradition preferences! For the none-of-the-above types, happy Friday!

I hope the Boston authorities can see this, because I'm doing it as hard as I can. I have been alternately LMAO and OMSO (outraged my socks off) since the bomb scare the other day. The climate of fear the gub'mint has been fomenting for the last 6 years was made manifest and of course they're doing everything they can to put the blame elsewhere. I think we'll see more of this in the future, and it'll only result in more clampdowns on freedom of expression, movement and privacy. Berdovsky and Stevens should have all charges dropped (or at least reduced to illegal flyering and littering) and the City of Boston should eat the rest of its crow and get on with life.

My hubby will be back tonight, which is nice. It's weird not having him around. Tonight is [livejournal.com profile] feralbear's SCA farewell party, so I got a car reserved; it's out near the airport, which is convenient -- I can go out to the party and then when Ron's plane lands, I'll go pick him up and bring him back to the party. He is coming back with carry-ons only so he shouldn't get held up by Philly's notoriously bad baggage handling.

This weekend: not much going on, I think. Ron is planning to head up to NYC for a Saturday day-trip for a hobby-related thing, and I will probably clean our bathroom! I know -- Chris, don't overdo the fun, moderation in everything, blah blah blah -- but it would be good to head off the microbes before they take over. Sunday is the Super Bowl and the Liberty Bears' social so I will probably watch the game at the bar and then hang with da other bears.

Oh. I lemminged and started a bearciti.com account. In a stunning reversal of my usual MO, I'm on there as "Chimakwa". The site looks OK but the performance SERIOUSLY lacked last night. I eventually gave up after it refused to bring up the message box a fifteenth time. I was even using IE since it says it's not Firefox compatible; I was using IE6 but if that was the problem, well, they'll have to make IE7 not suck sweaty goat balls before I'd consider upgrading. Even hot bearflesh is not worth bending over for an unlubed MS upgrade. Also, in the rush for the exits, don't forget to check out the not-sucky performance of [livejournal.com profile] psifire's www.bearlix.com. I'm on there as Anglicub (in an not-stunning not-reversal of my usual MO.)

Oh! (part II!) I just got an email saying that one of my favorite bands that's not from the 80s and is still together (Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) is putting out a new album in March. Woohoo! Their frontman was the frontman for 90's one-hit-wonders The Refreshments (well, two hits, if you count the theme to King of the Hill.) Here's a sample from an earlier album, that always cracks me up a little: Jack vs. Jose.

Later 'gators!
Wow. I only went to this blog because of the title ("King of Zembla"), but this says a lot: the John Birch Society ran a web poll (obviously subject to the problems any web poll will have) regarding impeachment of President Bush, and 69% of the fucking Birchers were pro-impeachment. How far to the right do you have to go before those whackjobs decide you've gone too far? I guess now we know.



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