So tired.

This weekend has been an emotional rollercoaster and I'm glad there shouldn't be anything else to get worked up over before we head home -- other than the usual goodbye sadness.

We flew in to Phoenix on Thursday evening, and my mom was waiting there to take us up to Flagstaff. Friday morning my parents made the difficult decision to have Jake, their 12-year-old chocolate lab, put to sleep; he was full of cancer and it was painful to watch him trying to breathe. They were having a hard time deciding to do it but it really was the best thing for him. I helped my dad bury him in the garden in their back yard, and I was OK until Dad started crying... but that set me off.

Then of course it was time to get our stuff together and move the whole show out to Mormon Lake for my sister's impending wedding. We checked into our tiny, tiny cabin and eventually got the rehearsal underway. Afterwards we had dinner at the lodge there and I had one of the two best steaks I have ever had. Yum.

On our way back to our cabin, Ron and I ended up spending about half an hour with our necks craned up looking at the sky, because the stars were amazing. I have never seen them so brilliant, not even in places with less light. I'm not sure what was up Friday night but they were simply awe-inspiring. You could see the Milky Way clearly but I couldn't find any constellations because all the stars were too bright to make any of them out. There were also a lot of meteoric activity; I made lots of wishes on falling stars.

Saturday was pretty boring up until around 2pm. The photographer was late, and only showed up just as we were getting ready to start. The wedding went off beautifully though -- I managed to get through the entire service without crying. I only wavered a little when my sister started crying two lines into her vows, but I got a hold of myself in time. I got a little panicked on page 5 of the seven-page script I was working from, because it had zoomed by so fast I was afraid I'd missed a page! I didn't though; everything got done and now my sister is Mrs. Yarbrough.

After the zillion pictures and the signing of the license, the reception really was a nice relaxing party. The food wasn't bad and it looked like everyone had a good time.

By 10:00 the only ones left in the hall were the die-hards, mostly my family, so we adjourned to the redneck saloon across the way. After we got my sister (still in her gown and veil) out of the way of the big knock-down drag-out bar brawl one of their friends instigated, we all decided it had been a full enough day and put ourselves to bed.

Now we're back in Flag, I'm sitting here trying not to fall asleep from exhaustion while they're in watching the Cards game. Maybe I will take a nap after all...



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