I realized on the way home that i have never made a drunk post so here I am and I am making one. Of course I am ruining it by correcting a bunch of mistakes I have made by typing inebriated. I should stop that because that will negate the comedy effect of the Drunk LJ post. Therefore I will endeavor to not correct typing errors from here on out. May God have mercy on us all:

We went out and had some drins at Davn marie's bar night tonight. I ahad thow or thereee tequia sunrises and thebn two shots of tequila. That is a lto f tequila. especilaly for someone like myself woh is classified as a lightwight. d. We both got prety plastered. which is unulasla.l. for us. beause we don't usually drink at the sae time, isnc we usually just drink diet coke. but anyway. my dand called while we were geting some dinner and he aske dhow ai was, and i said " im' pretty amaizngly drunk." and he laught. then my mom called too (they are in Wyoming, in a town called "wheatland" but there are only cows and antelopes there, nto any wee..wheat.) and she said it wa sa pretty good thing they called hten because dad said we were having a very good time.

Dawn marie gav eme a tiara and a sceptre adn a ribbon that says "Aging to Perfection" on it. (I had to retype that about 10 times just then, back to no corrections.) She made me wear it even wehn I was playin ghte game that she had, wehre you have to throw a ball at the velcro target adn do what it says: I had to sing a love song to Ron, I sang "I'm saving all my love, oh I'm saving all my love, oh I'm saving all my love for yoooooou!" at him. Then I had to have a staring contenst wth a guy adn I lost becase I was already onea and one half tequila sunrises in. So he got to give me a dare and I ended up against the wall getting spanked... five at a time, for 30 swats plus one to grow on. There are pictures. I may even post them for the benefit of at least 2 certain unnamed persons on my flist. Who know who they ary.

I'm going tho bed. Thak you.

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