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Can we get an update on your work/studies in the ADF?

My studies of Our Druidry continue; I completed the Dedicant Path after last Samhain, which I'd been working on since the Midsummer before. The DP, the year-minimum basic course of Druidic study which is a prerequisite to the rest of ADF's study programs, was very useful for engaging me in regular meditation, devotional work and study, and completing it was a milestone that I am proud to have seen to its end. Of course, in typical fashion the "end" is more of a beginning, and I was accepted into the ADF Clergy Training Program. I've been having some difficulties getting my ducks lined up to complete my first course, partly logistical (I'm having to rewrite some material I'd created in my university studies to make it conform to the ADF submission requirements: blah) and partly inertia-based. I'm not too worried about it, though; I'm giving myself a couple years to complete the first section of the work, since I want to do it properly rather than quickly.

My grove-organizing work is suffering from the previously-mentioned inertia as well. I'm working on re-energizing my private devotional practice and prayer life, which is generally the advice I'd give to anyone who needed to re-green and refresh their spiritual life, and will be the thing that can give me the boost I need to get back on an effective track instead of a dull rut. ;)



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