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Yesterday was another Santa Saturday, an event run by a nearby motorcycle/leather club that we've been going to for years. Ron was Santa again this year; the event has been in Asbury Park for the last two years and we'd decided to save ourselves some effort, booking a room at the hotel that's attached to the nightclub where the event is held. The hotel even gave us the event staff discount since Ron was working as Santa. We took the Bolt bus up to NYC and then took the NJ Transit train down to Asbury Park; it took about the same amount of time that the NJT bus would have taken except that we had wifi and comfier seats for the ride.

Our room was nice but I wish we'd been able to get the balcony door open before this morning. Our balcony wrapped around the corner of the hotel and we had a beautiful view of the Atlantic and the boardwalk from it -- it was too chilly to have spent much time out there but it was a nice little perk.

The event went off well; we estimated that the crowd was about the usual numbers -- around 1200 -- but it always seems like less at this site because there's just more room to put people in. At the height of the day though, it was still very hard to get around because of the crush of people.

I saved the day with my Fearsome Mac Powers early on, getting the computer to speak to the photo printer so that we could print the photos with Santa quickly enough to make a $5 picture for charity convenient for everyone. (I have Install Updated Drivers mojo! Ph33r m3!) I also helped the Keystone boys of Leather hang a banner with my +2 Legs of Tallness, and filled in at the photo station. Hating crowds as I do, it's always helpful to keep myself occupied at these things.

Our friends Steve and Josh gave us a ride back to Philly so we could avoid NJT again, so we're home a lot sooner than anticipated -- which was a nice finish to a fun weekend. Now we've got two work days before we head out to Flagstaff for a week with my family and then Midwest Bearfest on the way back. Such jet-setters we are. ;)
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